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{voice + instrumental coach}

Hi, my name is Ares! I am a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist born and raised here in Texas. Even though I’ve been singing since I was 3, I really started to take music seriously in high school. After about a year of vocal lessons during my senior year, I sent a video audition to an opera company in Italy, and to my surprise, landed a role in two operas. After living and performing in Italy for a little over a month I returned to Texas with an even deeper passion for music.

   The same year I returned, I applied to Texas Wesleyan University and graduated in 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in vocal performance. It was during my time at Wesleyan that I also studied piano, and began to experiment with the guitar, bass, and drum kit. Post college I expanded my musical knowledge in each area to encompass rock music, and now am a part of a cover band in Fort Worth. Most recently I signed with a producer to begin distributing my own music-- so hopefully one day soon, you can take a listen!

   Since I didn’t get to take music lessons until I was much older, taking the knowledge I’ve learned and passing it onto others, especially young singers and musicians, is something I am passionate about! Every lesson is as unique as the individual I’m teaching, and I love watching people grow into the musician they want to be, in any style of music. 

    Outside of teaching and writing/performing music, I love to bake, paint, and garden. Overall, I just hope to give students the tools to succeed in music and since it’s such a multifaceted subject, I find that there is always something more we can learn to be better musicians. 


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